Here's what people are saying about their experience with our staff at Cold Smoke Guiding Services.

smiling2I had been skiing for over 30 years, though I had never had a lesson in my adult life. I wanted to improve my ability to negotiate obstacles backcountry skiing, trees, rocks, creeks, drops, etc. Emily coached me one day at the ski hill and one day in the backcountry.

I was impressed by Emily's ability to break down various components that needed improvement. She has an excellent ability to work with one challenge at a time, give appropriate feedback and exercises to improve that component, then build on that with subsequent exercises. I felt improvement throughout the day at the ski hill and only wish there had been more fresh powder to ski in!

Our day in the backcountry went all too fast, but again, Emily was excellent at critiquing from various angles: whether it was from below or behind or beside, she has a critical eye, discerns where improvement can be made in body positioning, and gives feedback that is easy to understand and implement.

I would highly recommend Emily for anyone looking to improve their skiing technique, whether on or off-piste.

Nancy - Revelstoke, BC


Emily was such a clear instructor that the areas I wanted to work on (stance, edging, carving turns, coping with different terrain) were covered in such a way with simple strategies that I could set a clear picture of what I was supposed to be doing.

The three days have been very challenging for me - but my instructor inspired such confidence that I was able to ski places I never imagined going. Having a small group of similar ability was great and the others were very supportive. Now it is up to me to reinforce all these new experiences.

Jan Rhodes - New Zealand


This programme was great for confidence building and fine tuning techniques for bumps and powder. I especially appreciated the tips in centering balance and avoiding swinging of the body. I went places I wouldn't have had confidence to go before.

Jana Marshall - New Zealand


Just to let you guys know that I really enjoyed my clinic, my skiing has improved so much. I spent last friday skiing with my husband Mike which was magic, I'm keen to do another one next year.

Sue Davies - UK


The programme was very customised to focus on the students needs specifically women's. I found this programme expanded my skiing techniques particularly on the bumps. I would highly recommend this programme for women.

Alice Tan- Australia


I achieved my prime goal of controlling my speed and not losing balance in bumps. The instructors have given me pointers to continue working on. Great teaching, great company, great snow and great weather.

Barbara Lee - New Zealand


Spend a day skiing with Emily Grady and your skiing will be forever improved.

Not only is Emily's language precise and her repertoire of drills deep but her impeccable style and brilliant smile are infectious.

At the end of our day skiing together, Emily sat down with each student and had us write down three things to improve our skiing. It took me over a year to master those three things but once I did I was a far better skier.

I look forward to my next day of "coaching" from Emily.

Lisa Vizzini - Port Townsend, Washington