Scott Grady

Scott GradyOk I have a serious problem and I’m big enough to admit it now – I am a “Ski-aholic”!  Instead of having one of those so called “real jobs”, I’m lucky enough to spend my days in the mountains making a living doing what others dream of – skiing deep white dry powder!  No doubt about it, I have the best job in the world.

It’s great to be living the dream, but if you have no one to share it with it can make for a lonely summit.  That's where you come in.  A great deal of my satisfaction in the backcountry comes from being able to share it with others and helping them to succeed with their own personal goals.  I enjoy meeting new people, checking out new areas and exploring all of the fruits that Mother Nature has to offer for us to discover and enjoy.   I enjoy skiing with all ages and ability levels and can personally cater any course or guiding day to your own taste.  It’s your course or skiing holiday, so you control the speed and level at which we operate for the day.  

I grew up in the Nelson area and spent a great deal of time exploring the West Kootenays on skis, snowboards, mountain bikes, in hiking boots and climbing on many sunny crags and mountain peaks in this beautiful part of southern BC.

As any youngster looking at college and university options, The Adventure Guide Diploma Program offered through Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC sounded much more appealing to me than University Transfer Courses or Calculus 101.  From there it was a natural progression for me to pursue my winter avalanche and guiding certifications (that and the thought of a “real job” was too much for this Nelson kid).  That was ten years ago, and now I am a fully certified Ski Guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and Avalanche Operations Level 2 with the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA).  I have been fortunate to have worked all over British Columbia, Alberta and New Zealand in a number of teaching and guiding applications: Heliskiing, Snowcat Skiing, Ski Touring, Observing and Teaching for the Level 1 Operations Course with the CAA, teaching Avalanche Skills Training courses for the past several seasons, teaching Organized Avalanche Response Course for members of Search and Rescue Teams in BC and doing safety work with pro ski/snowboard athletes while making ski movies (aka. ski porn).  

Variety is the spice of life and that’s why I choose to work in a variety of winter environments rather than working steadily in only one discipline.  I enjoy learning new things and exploring new ideas and I find that “bouncing around” keeps me on my toes and keeps my mind sharp.

The West Kootenays and Selkirks are well known across the globe for its dry light powder, consistent snowfall, exceptional tree skiing, and stunning alpine vistas.  As a long-time local resident and “Backcountry Ambassador” to the region it would be my great pleasure to show you around the area, share some local secret stashes and send you home with a safe and memorable experience of this exceptional part of South-western BC.

Scott Grady
ACMG Ski Guide and Assistant Rock Guide

Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2

13 years of ski and snowboard guiding in Canada and New Zealand

Cold Smoke Guiding Services


Emily Gradyem_head_shot

I love what I do and what I do is teach skiing in its many shapes & sizes.

My life on skis began at the early age of 3 years thanks to a family of enthusiastic race coaches and ski instructors back in the Laurentians of Quebec. Since then, my ski career has taken me all over the world from South America and New Zealand to various resorts across Canada and the United States. During this time I have played an assortment of roles as: an instructor, Ski School Director, avid free skier, gear tester, backcountry ski touring fiend, avalanche course instructor, ski guide, and instructor course evaluator.

I now live, work and play in the Kootenays and Columbias. My winters are busy with working as an assistant ski guide certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, teaching avalanche courses, instructing telemark and alpine skiing programs, and exploring the various mountain ranges of B.C.

_staff_em_hill_shotAs part of the Cold Smoke Women's Series, I am thrilled to be offering women-specific ski touring programs in order to address the shortage of females in this currently male-dominated activity. What I have noticed over the past few years is that many of women that I encounter are keen to learn about the backcountry but are either intimidated, lack confidence in their abilities, are worried about 'holding the group up', or rely on their male-counterparts to make decisions.

With an extensive background in teaching women's programs for the likes of Outward Bound, Treble Cone Ski Area, Whitewater Winter Resort, and the ROAM shop; I'm excited to share my passion for the mountain environment with the women participating in Women's Cold Smoke Series. I hope to send them home with a stronger mountain sense as well as inspire them to pursue a future with many a' powdery turn.

Like Scott, I tend to enjoy a variety-pack of activities and pursuits that involve instructing, guiding and the great outdoors. Other programs that I have been involved with include: the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) assistant ski guides program, Canadian Ski Quest out of Red Mountain Resort, Kirsty Exner Women's Freeski Camps, instructor-level courses for alpine and telemark skiers, and Ski Improvement Clinics at cat-skiing and ski touring operations in the Kootenay & Columbia ranges.

When I'm not immersed in the ski world, I tend to spend my time seeking out new rock climbing experiences, trail running, hiking guiding, mountain biking and spending quality time with my partner-in-crime, Scott.

See you on the slopes!


  • Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Assistant Ski Guide
  • Canadian Avalanche Association Operations Level 2
  • Canadian Ski Instructor Level 3
  • Canadian Association of Nordic Instructors Level 3
  • Canadian Ski Coaches Federation Level 1
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid
  • Canadian Avalanche Association Advanced Weather Skills